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Peet's Coffee & Tea

The Best Gourmet Coffee

 Hand roasted and shipped within

 a single day of your order!

  There's NOTHING fresher!

Since 1966, when Alfred Peet opened the first Peet's store in Berkeley, our goal has been to offer the best coffees & teas in the world, without compromise. We believe that meticulous selectivity, artisan roasting, and our commitment to freshness make the difference you can taste. We still follow the traditional artisan practices that Alfred Peet introduced to a Berkeley audience eager to embrace quality and authenticity - because we believe that careful attention and discipline are essential to producing quality results.

Each cup of Peet's coffee or tea is the result of 37 years of experience and an unyielding commitment to quality. We hope our passion for coffee and tea is contagious. We want to share it with you.

Remember the movie George of the Jungle? There was a scene when the "Jungle King" ate a bunch of ground coffee and shortly thereafter started vibrating around saying Java, Java, Java, Java, Java? That's me.


I AM a coffee-holic. I drink it all day and often into the evening. It's a meal substitute you know, the "other white meat". If you cut me, chances are you will detect some blood mixed in with the coffee......maybe.


Just DO NOT put any nuts in my coffee for cryin' out loud and everything will be O-K-A-Y.....anyway, lest I digress....


Peet's does it right. Coffee, as well as tea, is one of those personal things that people feel strongly about (like me) and it's obvious from customer reviews section (which is located on each product individually), that Peet's has created an exceptional offering of Gourmet Coffee's and Tea's that have captured the taste buds of thousands of customers both online and offline. Their product guarantee is complete and all-inclusive.




The Peet's Coffee & Tea website is extremely well done and very informative. I looked at dozens of coffee distributors over the course of the last couple of years before determining that Peet's would get my coffee page.


Gourmet coffee isn't inexpensive, ESPECIALLY when it's roasted and shipped the same day you order it. For the few bucks difference though, well worth the price. Freight is freight, the more you order, the less of a percentage of the total of your order it is. Nothing unusual.


It's hard for me to recommend something for you to try seeing as everyone has different tastes, but, out of the 3 different kinds we've ordered and enjoyed thus far,


Arabian Mocha-Java, Blend 101, and House Blend,


MY VOTE is for the Arabian Mocha-Java. It's one heck of a good cup of coffee. ALL have been excellent so far.


Enjoy your coffee!


Thanks for using our links and supporting our family. We appreciate it!



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