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My Personal Testimony


My company relocated about a year ago. In our previous location, I enjoyed a separate dedicated copper fax line and local telephone number for about 8 years. I received faxes on my pc using the fax modem and the built-in incoming and outgoing fax capabilities of Outlook. THEN WE MOVED.


Our new facility is quite state-of-the art, BUT, the sales area wasn't plumbed for copper and I lost my direct fax number.


I searched for a bit and found this great email fax service (actually they found me in one of the many ads in my e-mail).


I used the free number as a test for a few days, found out it worked perfectly, and upgraded to the their plus service.


For the small monthly outlay, having a service that makes your incoming faxes portable is WELL worth it. My primary need is for receiving faxes but I do send using the service occasionally as well.


Based upon my personal experience, having your faxes coming into your e-mail is invaluable, especially if you travel, or have telecommuting capabilities.


Give it a try, once you do, you see what I mean. Now, all that being said, if you have the need (or want) to receive both faxes AND voice mail via e-mail, though I haven't personally used this particular service, yet, I would strongly recommend their other services as well. I would imagine that it works just as well as the email fax service and THAT makes it a Great Idea!


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jConnect Free - Voicemail and Faxes via Email


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