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Crayons & Stuff - Crayola.com


I've known the name Crayola for as long as I've been able to remember. It's the "household name" for crayons and fun arts sets and it's really well deserved. I'm sure you agree.

The Crayola website is filled with lots of fun things for the kids to do online and they have a really nice store for us folks to spend our hard earned money at.


If you'd like to receive special offers and discounts and things like that, just take a moment and register on their site. My wife did that a long time ago and they do have some really good deals from time to time.

I still like to sit and color a picture myself from time to time and I remember when I got my first "Big Box" of crayons. You know the one with the built in sharpener in the back. Didn't that make us "King" for a few hours? You bet. (-8

And how about Silly putty ! Remember the commercials where they placed it on a news paper and lifted the ink and impressions right off? Remember rolling it into a perfect ball and bouncing it all over the place?

Now get Silly Putty online!

They have something that I've never seen before out there. Did you know that you could by a 5 pound block of silly putty? I know, why would you do that? It would be the perfect gag gift for that someone you thought had everything.

Silly Putty

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