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We are a Christian Family. Currently Residing in Avondale Arizona.

At our glory, we had 7 children crammed in our very old rental house. That's how we came by the term "Ranch".

We are a blended family and my wife and I have been married over 16 years.

When we first started our website, my beautiful wife was home schooling our children and the proceeds from any affiliate commissions went towards purchasing school supplies and study aids. Now, after 16 years, all the kids have graduated high school except for the youngest.

As a family we have faced many extreme challenges over the last several years including the loss of our "home".

We are prayerful that one day soon, the Lord will provide us with a home of our own.

We worship at Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix where is where the Lord found me. It is the same church my Wife has attended all her life.

If you shop on the internet and use our links to make your purchases, you help support our family. God Bless You.

We hope this web-site is a blessing to you.

Ray & Joell


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